The Giver Book And Movie Analysis

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Have you ever read the novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry? The movie is similar to the novel, but there are many differences from the novel to the movie. Some of the main changes are the jobs, the ending, and most importantly, the memories. These three changes make a big impact on the movie. There are also many other small changes in the movie, but I noticed when I was watching the movie that these three were the main ones.

For starters, the jobs that the Elders choose for Asher and Fiona are different than the jobs that they received in the novel. In the novel, Asher’s assignment is the assistant director of recreation, but in the movie, his assignment is drone pilot. This assignment leads to Jonas showing Fiona a sled ride. Because in the movie, Jonas, Fiona and Asher go to the place where Asher trains and Jonas and Fiona use a mat to slide down to replicate a sled ride. Fiona’s assignment in the novel is caretaker of the old. In the movie, her assignment is nurturer, like Jonas’s father. Towards the end of the movie, Jonas steals Gabriel from the nurturing center and leaves his community. If Fiona hadn’t of been there to help him steal Gabriel, then Jonas wouldn’t have been able to pull of what he had accomplished in the end of the movie.

Also, the ending is different in the novel and the movie. In the movie. …show more content…

Although most of them that the Giver gave to Jonas were the same, some of them were different, and some of them were new memories that weren’t in the book. An example of one of those memories was when the Giver gave Jonas the memory of a bee sting in the movie instead of a sunburn in the novel. That was one of the painful memories. Another memory that is different was the memory shown in the movie that was about Rosemary. That memory was about when she was teaching the Giver how to play the piano. In the book, the Giver never shared a memory with Jonas about her. He just talked about

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