The Giver ( Lois Lowry ), And Animal Farm

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Imagine that you are twelve years old, having lived a dozen years in a society in which everything is controlled and perfect. You have never experienced real pain, and have only experienced once what I consider the greatest emotion, love. You take pills in the morning to eliminate your emotions, and you are executed if you break the rules three times. Now imagine that you are an embattered animal living on a farm where your owner, Mr. Jones, barely feeds you, and is often drunk, leaving you in horrible conditions. An old pig that everyone respects makes a grand speech of his dream of equality and the animals freeing themselves from the oppression of Mr. Jones. You and the animals rebel, only to have a brutal dictator usurp the rightful leader, and execute anyone who agrees with his banished opponent. These two scenarios are quick summaries of two timeless, utopia/dystopia novels, The Giver (Lois Lowry), and Animal Farm (George Orwell). When I read these novels, I often switched back and forth in reading them, and realized that The Giver 's government and justice system is very similar to Animal Farm 's government and justice system, but Animal Farm is based on real events (The Russian Revolution), while The Giver is more of a picture of a future, and lastly, they both describe what can happen when a society may seem like a very good idea in theory, but just does not go along with humanesque mindsets.
The Giver is a utopia novel about an eleven year old boy named Jonas who

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