The Giver Persuasive Essay

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Thank you proposition team and thank you sixth grade for making this debate possible. It is a question that deserves answers. It is a question worth asking.If you are living in a life with suffering were eliminated, do you think life would improve or not? We, the opposition team says, strongly say, no. We should not live in a world with suffering eliminated. Even in the world of The Giver, in the supposed utopia of the Community, there was pain and suffering. When it is supposed to be a utopian community. There are several reasons why, if suffering were eliminated life would be not improve. If you have no pain you wouldn't experience real life and things will always come easy to you. You get knowledge from painful memories you, suffering, or emotional pain, often goes with feelings of love, and You get knowledge from painful memories you.…show more content…
For example, on page 116 “ Again Jonas went to him.This time he quite deliberately placed his hand firmly on Gabriel's back, and released the rest of the calming day on the lake. Agin Gabriel slept.” This shows the pain Jonas experiences isolates him further from his family and friends when he realizes that they have never experienced any real pain, but at the same time he and Gabe has a deeper connection than he and his rest of his family. Another example that shows if you have no pain you wouldn't experience real life and things will always come easy to you is, “ He had walked through woods, and sat at night beside a campfire. Although he had through the memories learned about the pain of loss and loneliness, now he has gained, too, an understanding of solitude and its joy.” As we see on page 122, Jonas feels like he and the Giver is the only people who has access to the memories and that make, Jonas feel the pain of loss because he could not share it with anyone. This is a despicable act of the
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