The Giver Short Story

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Jonas was coming in for his first meeting with the Receiver of Memory. He was nervous at first, but then went inside of the first door. The secretary let Jonas in. Jonas was surprised by the locks on the door, but when the secretary explained it was to help keep the old Receiver of Memory concentrated, he felt relaxed.
Jonas walked through the door and saw me, the old Receiver of Memory. When i asked him, what sports did he know of, he looked confused. He looked lost of words, like I was a crazy man. Still, I asked him again, “Do you know of any sports?” “No sir, I don’t.” “Okay, i’m going to give you this memory. This will be your first memory. Please, take your tunic off and lay on the bed face first.”
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It was an odd shape. Like a, like a, a, well it has pointy ends and then towards the middle it becomes fat.” “What’s the term that comes to you?” the receiver asked. “F..o..o..t? B..a..l..l? Football! The term is football.” Jonas was happy that he got the term right, but he has to do the other two now. Sadly, Jonas thought. “Correct. Now, what’s the term for the second sport.” Jonas thought long and hard about this one. You can see his brain moving, like a train on railroad tracks. Slowly. “Describe the ball first, Jonas, to make it less hard.” the receiver said to Jonas. “It was round. It was, it was a brown-orange color with some red in it.” Jonas said, still trying to figure out the term of this unusual sport. “Now,” the receiver started, “what is the term for this sport?” Jonas looked at the receiver surprised, “ The term is basketball! How did you do that?” “I didn’t do anything, Jonas, it was all you. I must say Jonas, you’re getting better at this. Quicker.” Jonas didn’t know what to say. He was getting faster at knowing how to remember the events. “That’s awesome! Can we do the third sport now?” Jonas was eager to do the third sport. He was getting all jumpy, not a scared jumpy, but a good jumpy. Happy jumpy, he was proud of himself. “Yes, we can! Now explain the third ball.” “The third ball was smaller than the football and the basketball. It wasn’t the same color either, it was white with red stitching. It was small too, I could hold it in one of my hands.

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