The Giver Snowflake Analysis

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Every snowflake is different from one another, unlike everyone's identical traits in the novel, The Giver. It is written by Lois Lowry and it is a novel about a community that's is very monotonous. They have something called sameness which is where everyone has identical traits, colors, and style. There is no differentiation between one person and the next. In chapter 16, Jonas learns about the feeling of love. He says "I like the feeling of love, I wish we still had that." Jonas wants people to have feelings of love. Jonas, later, asks his parents at his house if they love him. They both respond looking at Jonas crazily. They say that love is too strong of a word. Jonas realizes that the people of the community can't understand the feeling …show more content…

They do not do anything outside of the rules and they do not have experience. Jonas gets many happy memories that he wants to give to the people of the community. Jonas' first memory is snow. In chapter 10, The Giver explains that they don't have snow any more because of climate control in the community. This is a loss because kids don't get to play in the snow. Jonas gets a memory about sunshine and he feels happy. This is also a loss because this means that there is no fresh light in the community they are in. Other memories are seeing a rainbow, riding a horse, seeing a real elephant, going to a birthday party, and Christmas morning. Adventure shows experience in your life. With no adventure your life can be very dull. Jonas realizes the hurtfulness and the happy memories he was given and he wanted the people to get them. Jonas made a right decision about leaving because sameness was reflecting badly on the community. The adventure that was taken away from the people was going to be useful because they needed something to help them become do everything by …show more content…

With no memories, they need to choose someone to hold them all, putting all the suffrage on he or she. In this case Jonas is that receiver and he is getting memory's that are painful and hurtful. Jonas asks why hey have to keep the memories to them selves and the giver said it was to protect the people. They should not keep the memories to themselves so the past won't come back to bite them. If a past event happens to on of them they will not know what to do. They also do not get to choose their spouses. The emotions, they have inside, are called stirrings and they are taken away by a pill they have to take. Jonas started getting the stirrings for a girl named Fiona. He will never get to have a relationship with her because everything in the community is chosen for them. Sameness takes away joy and happiness from the community's lives. It's a very sad novel about how everything is chosen for you. Jonas starts to realize this when he gets multiple memories. He realizes that the community's Elders made wrong choices. This is why Jonas runs

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