The Glass Castle Analysis

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Although she may seem normal now, Jeannette Walls experienced a traumatic and abnormal childhood which she displays in her memoir The Glass Castle. Jeannette, her two sisters, her brother, her “mother,” and her drunken father skedaddled every time the father angered someone, forcing them to leave (which was quite often). This book displays semi perfect description and character developments; however, these weighed down by the possibly invalid information. The Walls family lived in a total of nine different places. Throughout the book, the family lacked money so they resorted to sleeping in boxes or living in decaying homes as if they were homeless, though their mother always swore they were not. Their lack of money was because their father could rarely keep a job, and when the mother had a job (a rarity and a pain for Jeannette and her siblings), the father stole all her income to buy booze. The development of the characters changed at an inconsistent rate throughout the memoir. Some of the characters who changed immensely were Jeannette and Maureen. Jeannette’s most drastic change was her attitude towards her parents. At the beginning, Jeannette was sympathetic towards her mother and father, but throughout the book, she became increasingly fed up with their games. Near the end, she states “I think that maybe sometimes people get the lives they want” (256). This is her way of saying that her parents choose to live in poverty without jobs, but she knows she doesn’t want to

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