The Glass Castle Some Characters Seek Freedom From Society 's Rules

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In The Glass Castle some characters seek freedom from society’s rules while others seek the comforts and security that come from a “normal” life. What is more important to children? Freedom or security? I am convinced that what matters most to children is security. They may seek freedom but to them freedom means running around. However, running around leads to chaos. Then chaos can lead to danger and when children feel endangered or they’ve fallen and got hurt they seek safety. Even if they live in a stable or peaceful household they want to feel safe and secure and, especially children living how Jeannette and her siblings did, want security.
There are millions of children all over the world who live in poverty and are unprotected from the outside world that surrounds them. Most children who live in Bangladesh are in poverty and have basic material needs that must be met in order to ensure child safety. But since those needs are not met the child ‘abandons’ their family and moves on doing drugs, committing crimes and living in the street. This is exactly what happened to Maureen Walls in “The Glass Castle.” Her needs were scarcely met in the Walls’ household so she spent a lot of time with other families and they practically took her up as their surrogate daughter. In final consideration to this situation, by the end of the story we found out that Maureen turned into a drug-addict and smoker who hated her family, just like the children in Bangladesh. Even Lori said so

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