The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Essay

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Children these days have a variety of needs, often being surrounded by the ideas of freedom and security. While some people seek complete freedom from society’s rules, others seek the comforts of security that a normal life provides. Children’s preferences on freedom and security are reflected from their Mom and Dad’s parenting style. In The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, the characters Brian, Lori, and Jeannette show that while growing they would rather have security over freedom because they repeatedly find themselves in a state of danger due to their parent’s lack of security. For example, if Jeannette’s parents were accountable while Jeanette was in proximity to fire she would not have been traumatized and severely burnt. Another …show more content…

Later on in the story Brian and Jeanette are out on an adventure by themselves when they come across a small shed-like building. They go inside and discover chemicals which they of course immediately start to play with, one mixture they created made a violent reaction and flames erupted out of the beaker. (Insert Quote) In the late of the story it was a very cold morning in the house and Lori could not get a fire to start, being desperate for warmth she resorted to use kerosene to start the fire. Rex had told her to do this before but was not present when she used it. Lori put too much on the fire and when she lit it the fire stimulant exploded in her face and singed her eyebrows. If the children had the protection of their parents from fire their lives would have been safer and more secure.

Rex’s abuse of alcohol endangered the entire Wall’s family in multiple ways. Early on in the story Jeannette wants him to resort to being sober because he is useless to the family passed out on the floor drunk, and it was not convenient for Dad to be blowing off the little money the family had on alcohol and gambling especially when during most instances the money was not his to spend (Insert quote). When Rex drove after he had a couple to many beers and shots he would go inebriated rants where he would make his broken down car go as fast as it possibly could until he would overheat the radiator, which would put the family in danger. This terribly upset Lori

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