The Global Politics Of The United States And The European Union

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The global politics in today’s world is characterized by the dominance of the United States and the European Union, and the rising power of China enabled by its rapid economic development. Since the conclusion of the Second World War in 1945, no conflict has occurred on a global level. Despite some regional warfare, the world after 1945 has provided many countries with a relatively stable environment for development. Various advancements in technology have flourished in this environment, such as the invention of the Internet and the increased accessibility of air travel. They substantially improved the lives of those who have access to them. However, problems abound in today’s world: global poverty, abuses of human rights, and terrorism, …show more content…

If they had untreated diseases, they would spread the diseases to different places in the world. In this way, people in developed countries could also be affected by the diseases. Another instance is that some may believe that human rights abuses and conflicts in other countries are not affecting them. However, as seen in the recent civil war in Syria, a large number of Syrians have fled their countries and tried to seek asylum in European countries. The influx of refugees has caused various problems in these European countries (Sengupta, 2015), so it is not hard to see that seemingly localized problems can affect people around the world.
Also, it is a controversial question whether the problems in the developing countries are caused by the developed world. Thomas Pogge (2008) has put forth a convincing argument. He has argued that the global economic order established by the developed countries significantly contributes to the poverty of many countries, by focusing on two aspects of it, namely “international resource privilege” and “international borrowing privilege”. These two rules stunt the growth of developing countries in many ways, the most notable of which is that they incentivize coup d’état. When authoritarian leaders obtain power through coup d’état, they do not see the need to improve the lives of ordinary people. I will examine Pogge’s argument in detail in the later part of this

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