The Globalization Of The World Economy Essay

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The globalization of the World economy has inspired companies to expand abroad to acquire competitive advantage (Longnecker, 2004). In light of this expansion, companies send their employees to foreign countries on assignments. The challenge that comes with this kind of transfer revolves around the employee 's willingness to uproot their lives and relocate to a new state (Longnecker, 2004). As a result, companies are now developing attractive compensation packages to motivate the employees to accept these assignments (Longnecker, 2004). This paper will analyze the concept of expatriate compensation while highlighting the dynamics involved in developing one.
Summary of a Nation’s characteristics
Kenya is located in East Africa and based on the results of the national census conducted in 2009, Kenya has a total population of approximately 40 million citizens with at least 47 ethnic communities. The native language is Swahili but, both Swahili and English are spoken widely throughout the country. As a democratic state, Kenya is under the rule of a de jure government headed by President Uhuru Kenyatta. Regarding its economic status, Kenya 's economy is one of the most developed in Africa and the largest economy in East Africa. Reports by the World Bank show that as of 2015, Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) was worth 63.40 billion U.S dollars with a GDP a per capital equivalent to 9% of the World’s average. When dealing with labor and

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