The Goal Of A Financial Advisor

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
Work Plan 3
Statement of Problem 3
Purpose Statement 3
Research Strategy 3
Scope and Ranking 3
Limitations 4
Assumptions 4
Tentative Outline 4
Timeline 4
Conclusions 5
Soft Skills 5
Use of Analytical Skills 6
Opportunity to Brainstorm or Develop Creative Solutions 8
Lots of Interaction with Clients 8
Marketplace Demand for Skills/Job 9

Executive Summary

This report compares and contrasts the careers of a mutual find wholesaler and a financial advisor so I can decide whether or not these are careers I am interested in pursuing after college. The criteria for comparing these careers starting with most important is need for soft skills, use of analytical skills, opportunity to brainstorm or develop creative solutions, and marketplace demand for skills/job. Financial advisors have to persuade clients to trust them with their money in order to grow it and spend it wisely. They use their analytical skills to best determine when to buy and sell products. The goal of a financial advisor is to find a solution for their clients where their money will grow or where clients will not out live their money. Financial advisors interact with their clients daily updating them on the status of their wealth as well as talking to representatives from different companies about funds to invest in. As more and more baby boomers retire, they need help planning out their wealth so that they do not out live it. Mutual fund wholesalers interact with clients

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