The Goals And Priorities Of Nurses And Inter Professional Team

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Developing Confidence Nursing is a demanding profession, with a great deal of pressure to make the right decisions and work effectively with a group of knowledgeable individuals, all with varying values, beliefs, and goals. Although the goals and priorities of nurses and the inter-professional team are usually clear, we all work from different forms of knowledge. “This different knowledge arises out of the unique standpoints from which nurses experience their work and their patients” (Hamilton & Campbell, 2011, p. 283). However, dynamics exist that can privilege some forms of knowledge while subordinating other types of knowledge. Therefore, it is essential that I develop confidence in my professional comportment, find ways to promote my knowledge, strengthen my nursing standpoint, all while working collaboratively as a professional. In this paper, I will reflect on the growth and development I have experienced as a result of the concepts taught in Nursing 341. Professional Comportment As a professional, I must be aware of how I present myself and how I offer support to those around me at work and while in the classroom. This semester, I have developed a stronger understanding of my professional comportment and its importance in my nursing practice. Professional comportment is an integral part of nursing practice that occurs with every encounter, whether it is with patients or colleagues. Additionally, it embodies behaviours that demonstrate collaboration, credibility,
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