The Gods Of Poseidon: An Olympian God

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The Dry Lands

Gods and goddesses gather all over the world explaining the things that can’t be explained by man. Poseidon, an olympian god, is one of the many. He is the child of Kronus and Rhea and the brother of Zeus, Hades, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia. He is known as the god of the sea, and the symbol that represented him was the trident. Since he was closely associated with fish and other marine creatures, he is depicted as wearing a headband made out of celery leaves. As well as riding a chariot lead by fish-tailed horses. But there is one thing that must be known about him, he takes his competitions seriously. Poseidon , being the middle child, was always jealous …show more content…

Zeus knew exactly what his brother came for; he came for the city Mount Olympus. Poseidon challenged Zeus to a race around the world starting at the prize city. The rules were simple; there are no rules. Hera pleaded with Zeus to stay, but Zeus ,being as arrogant as he is, refused to back down. The race was to start as soon as Apollo, the sun god, came flying by lighting the sky; however, they were both ready prepared for the upcoming race. Gods and goddesses gathered at the starting line to witness the greatest race of all time. They even held a bet on who would win;overwhelmingly, the majority of the vote was for Zeus. As all the goddesses fawned over Zeus’s muscles, Poseidon was tending to his fish-tailed horses. Hera ,being as jealous as she is, tried to make Zeus jealous as well, but her attempt to flirt with others was in vain. Zeus would be riding a lightning bolt, and Poseidon would be riding his fish-tailed horse chariot.Then the time came;the race finally began. Both Zeus and Poseidon started off strong, but Poseidon's fish-tailed horses began to slow down because of dehydration. This caused many pauses in the race for Poseidon. Every time he stopped his chances of …show more content…

It shocked Zeus to see what his brother has turned into; Poseidon was a mess. It was visible on his face that he wasn’t the same; however, once he saw his brother, his face lit up with a shocked expression. Zeus apologized for what happened that night a swore to recognize Poseidon's importance in the world. Although this isn't what Poseidon wanted, this is what he needed to finally undo the drought. All the people cheered when the water returned. Although Zeus had to apologize to Poseidon, Zeus was still the winner because he was the bigger man in this situation. He did what he had to do for the sake of the

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