The Gold Rush

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Migration to the gold fields
The gold rush was the turning point of Australia’s history thanks to Edward Hargraves he discovered gold in New South Wales in April 1851 and soon the gold rush kicked off. Clear evidence has been provided on how Edward Hargraves started the gold rush started, Information on how push and pull factors influenced people to the gold fields. Stories have been recounted on how life during the gold rush was like in the gold fields. Information on how many numbers of migrants came and where they came and what transportation was used

The gold rush started because Edward Hargraves returned to Australia after prospecting gold in California he noticed that some parts of Australia were similar and convinced gold could be found. He was proved right a year later he discovered gold in New South Wales in April 1851 he spread the news to local colonies and overseas but it took many months for people overseas to find out. For the first year, the diggings were worked by locals from Australian colonies. Soon after word spread to England in January 1852 a new rush of migration followed as Britons from all classes decided to try their luck the discovery of gold in Victoria also added to the hysteria. Husbands left their families, ships were left stranded in port when crews left the ship to go to the diggings Teachers laborer’s lawyer’s government officials and police officers made a dash for the gold fields

The gold rush had many pull factors pull factors and

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