Soapstone: The Good Earth

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Soapstone: Fictional The Good Earth The Good Earth was a very well written book that was entertaining. The way it was written the author seemed to be toying with your emotions and completely surprising you with the outcome of the story. One page you were delighted on how the story was coming along and the next page you were completely crushed and deflated. It also gives you a great insight into what life was like back in the fifties or so, and it just makes you think about what was going on. It made you consider one side, then another character's feelings and sometimes it could even get slightly confusing. Overall this was a satisfying book that quenched my thirst for …show more content…

I honestly believe that the main idea or theme to this book is that you should never let riches change you. The moral is not stated on just one page but throughout the story. Wang Lung personality is changing because of his riches and his family is sort of trying to teach him a lesson. He started a poor hard working farmer and now he is a rich, mysterious business man. The riches are starting to change him which the book is trying to teach us exactly not to do. “I heard you were rich but I didn’t know you were this rich (136).” It almost seems like Wang Lung is trying to impress everyone with his good fortune and is basically rubbing his riches in everyone’s face. The book is giving us examples of what riches could do to us and the author is using this book as a guide to help people, possibly. You should never let your possessions change who you are and letting money control your life is a sign of weakness mentally in the brain. Wang Lung could not control his wallet which got him into a lot of trouble. “Delicacies (147)” denotative- expensive foods connotative- fluffy and tasteful food eaten by rich people This is important to the book because it is what brought Wang Lung and Lotus together. “Silver (139)” denotative- a precious, shiny grayish-white

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