The Good Old Days are Blurred Essay example

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From time to time those that have come before us such as our moms, dads, and grandparents will reminisce on the good old days. A time when there was no Internet so one had to read the newspaper for updates, write rather than type during class, go to the library for research, knock for a friend, use snail mail, etc. For me such thoughts have made the understanding of the phrase, “the good old days” quite blurred. The fact is the so-called “good old days” was a time that seems astronomically different, slow paced, and quite frankly dull compared to today. That is, since I can remember the Internet has always been apart of my life, practically advancing its growth as I have grown. The Internet has revolutionized today’s society changing our…show more content…
Communication and networking for any purpose such as work, friendship, relationship, interests, employment, business, etc. has drastically changed with the Internet. It has become a much easier, quicker, and more effective process.

Another example of the benefits of the Internet is that of information acquisition and preservation. Back in the “good old days” acquiring information about an unfamiliar subject, or learning anything for that matter required a knowledgeable individual, a class, or a trip to the library. However, since the birth of the Internet and the development of Google by Larry Page and Sergey Brin all that has changed drastically. With Google we now have the ability to search for anything we desire at the click of a button. At a blink of an eye we are then instantaneously connected to thousands of pictures, articles, videos, books, etc. about our subject of choice such as sports. Furthermore, we not only have the ability to learn from educational documents; but from each other as well. That is, Individuals throughout the years have become more comfortable with sharing their experiences and voicing an opinion such as blogs, reviews, and testimonials. The fact is the Internet provides so many helpful sources for individuals to learn that one could practically teach their self.

In conclusion, the Internet has changed the
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