The Good news of Pageantry

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Unless the skeptics have proper knowledge and understanding, they are unable to understand the criteria for judging a pageant. There are so many reasons to enter a beauty pageant. Although the stereotype is multitudes of girls with big hair, caked on makeup, and fake personalities; being a size 0, or 2 that’s not even close to reality! To tell the whole truth about pageants skeptics have to be open minded and erase all of their prior knowledge of what the portray pageants to be. Yes pageants do portray perfection, but that’s not the half of it. Honestly girls don’t have to be a size two or “pretty” or have their makeup caked on, but they do have to have to love themselves and except who they are, and have plenty self confidence. Self Confidence is the number one out of all of the reasons to enter a beauty pageant. Miss Teen Arizona said “ You would never catch me talking in front of large crowds, or being social at all….. until my mom entered me in my first pageant amongst 213 girls! Talk about life changing!” She walked away by being 4th runner up, and as in awe about how much self confidence she had gained over that one weekend! If she can gain that much self confidence over one weekend then just imagine how many young women could be inflicted for the good in just one weekend! Self Confidence is hard for girls to obtain. People bring them down everyday, and it not okay. It’s a well known fact that girls are “givers”, it’s in their natural being to want to give. Some
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