The Gospel Of John The New Testament And Follows The Three Synoptic Gospels

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The passage of Scripture being discussed in the following paper is the prologue to the Gospel of John, found in chapter one, and starting at verse one through to verse eighteen. The book of John is the fourth book of the New Testament and follows the three synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark and Luke. Scholars date the writing of this Gospel being completed in either the 60’s CE or the 90’s CE, but most scholars suggest the 90’s CE as the most accurate dating. The author of this book was evidently a Palestinian Jew, who was thoroughly aware and conscientious of Jewish cultural customs, practices and religious rituals. Both the Early Church Father’s and almost unanimously, modern scholarship, would attribute the writing of this Gospel to the Apostle John himself who wrote it in the city of Ephesus to both a Jewish and a Gentile audience in the Greek language.
The Gospel according to John functions as an incredible supplementary text to the three synoptic Gospels, both in the geographic locations of Jesus’ ministry as well as through different theological themes. The Gospel of John has a predominant emphasis on the Judean ministry of Jesus rather than his Galilean ministry, which the other Gospels focus most of their writing on. The synoptic Gospels focus heavily on the ministry and parables of Jesus and the message of his coming kingdom, whereas John places his focus predominantly on the gift of our new and eternal life and the deity of Jesus. These major themes in

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