The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church by Ron Rosenbladt

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“The Gospel for Those Broken by the Church” by Dr. Ron Rosenbladt is a presentation that focuses on those who have left the church behind and no longer associate themselves with it. He categorizes those who have left into two sections: “sad” alumni and “mad” alumni. Sad alumni are those people who really wanted to believe but never could really get it right, while mad alumni are those who were “conned” by the church into giving themselves over to Christ and trying to believe and then when things didn’t quite work out, they were tossed away. This presentation focuses on how to bring people like this back to the faith, both the sad and mad alumni. Rosenbladt’s main point in this presentation is that it is possible to have those people that left and yet bring them back in. It is easier than we might think actually. Rosenbladt says that the biggest reason for people leaving is the misuse of the Law and the Gospel. He says that these people have been preached too much Law and not enough Gospel. This shows itself by making some people stray away from the church. After they leave the church, they react in two different ways, they either feel “sad” or “mad”. Those who are sad about leaving the church are often depressed because when they came to the Faith, they were so excited to hear the great news that Jesus Christ freely forgives the sins of all people and had died on the cross for all people, including them. They joined the church hoping to listen to the good news, or

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