The Government Is A System Of The Dual Federalism

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Federalism has numerous levels of government in which each of them have their own self-governing authority over some of the policy areas. It helps in balancing the power between the national and subunit governments. Various forms of the government are being observed internationally, including the confederation and unitary government. The Confederal government was the very first form of government the United States had that is held under the Articles of Confederation; in which the states hold the authority over a limited national government. The most common form of government throughout the world is the unitary government in which the national and centralized government holds the ultimate authority. If there was no form of federal government, each individual state would face problems that may affect multiple states. This would lead a central government to come up with a mutual solution that would be beneficial to all the states across the nation or to the ones that need it most. Some scholars believe that the American government is a system of the dual federalism. This simply means that the national and state governments have control over unique spheres of policy. Others believe it to be a shared or cooperative federalism in which means that both the governments work together in all areas of the policy, or supply their services to the citizens. The balance of power between the states and the federal government of the United States constantly shifts back and forth causing

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