The Government Of Us Should Not Allow People With Buy And Use Gun For Personal Purpose

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Mohammed S Alharbi
COMM 1101
Thomas E. Eckert

Topic: The Government of US should not allow people to buy and use gun for personal purpose.
General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: To persuade U.S government to impose restriction on purchase and use of gun.
Thesis Statement: Government should impose restriction on purchase and use of guns because it is used widely for illegal purposes all around in U.S.
Attention Step
I. [Attention Getter] Possessing a weapon such as gun for personal defense does not provide solution for maintaining greater level of security.
A. For protection and security, gun is not merely the solution because it is the responsibility of state to provide protection to its citizens.
B. There does not exist any valid reason for gun owner to acquire and use it.
C. Gun owner face a lot of serious problems (such as improper use may lead to death of the owner or any other family member) as a result of acquiring the weapon.
II. [Credibility] Prohibited handguns and weapons often leads to massive destruction.
A. The gun holder may commit suicide by making use of gun.
B. Gun holder may shoot someone accidently, mainly because he don’t have knowledge of holding and using the gun in a proper way.
C. The individual holding the gun may kill someone intentionally due to some personal conflict.
III. [Topic Justification] As a result of restriction on use and purchase of guns, the level of crime will get reduced to a substantial level.

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