The Grand Scheme Of Physicalism Vs. Dualism

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The only thing Near Death Experiences, or NDEs, are proof of is how much we don’t know. We don’t know how they happen, we don’t know why they happen, and we don’t know how to find out. But just because we don’t know something, or can’t explain it, doesn’t mean it’s unexplainable or that we should give up. In the grand scheme of Physicalism vs. Dualism, NDEs… don’t really prove anything. They don’t make Dualism ‘more likely’, because Dualism can’t even explain how our body then functions normally, let alone what is happening during an NDE. How then, can we say that this is a good explanation at all? There comes a point, just like with Geocentrism, that the amount of retcons, convoluted explanations, and details that just refuse to be…show more content…
Science readily admits to being a process of learning, and some fields, such as neuroscience, is really only getting started. Setting that point aside for a moment, there’s also a question of just how reliable this ‘verification’ is. When a person just wakes from a dream and begins trying to explain something they saw while supposedly asleep, it’s often disjointed and confused. There’s often a period of disorientation while a person is fully waking up. They’re not fully ‘up and running’. If we would have problems completely believing what they would say while still waking up from ‘mild unconsciousness’, why would we place more weight on someone coming back from basically being dead? Furthermore, what if an NDE is like a dream in that it actually happens as a person is ‘waking up’? A dream that feels like it spans a few days can only have happened over the course of that night, and generally it only lasts during some small part where the person is waking up from that deeper, restful sleep. A dream’s events, then, do not occur when it feels like they did. Do NDEs? Can we even prove whether they do or don’t? These issues demonstrate just how questionable it is that an NDE can really prove dualism as the ‘correct’ way of thinking about things, or that an NDE can really prove anything at all. It doesn’t really matter how ‘good’ an argument looks if you can’t prove that any of the points being used are applicable. One common, and powerful,

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