The Great Awakening And The Separation Of Church

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1. The Great Awakening contributed to the separation of church and state in the colonies because it occurred within all people across all denominational lines which made people more tolerant of other religions. Some of those people included political leaders that translated that philosophy of tolerance into the law and later into the Bill of Rights where they included “freedom of religion”. Also, new churches stemmed from the Great Awakening that were separatists that did not want to be tied to the state.
2. The French and Indian War helped cause the American Revolution by giving the colonists a realization that they can be successful without the British and forcing the British to raise taxes which upset the colonists. The colonists realized they could become independent because before the British arrived to support the colonists, they developed a war tactic with the help from some of the Natives who were allied with them called Guerilla Warfare that uses the element of surprise and fear to defeat the enemy. Once the British came over, though, they forbade the colonists from using this tactic which caused a few losses for the colonists and made winning that much more difficult, causing resentment and tension between the British colonists and their mother country. Another factor that contributed to the American Revolution is the amount of debt that the British acquired after winning the war because it forced them to create and enforce taxes in the colonies more

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