The Great Depression Case Study

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Charlie suffers a mental illness problem in his past. Charlie was bullied and he does not want this to happen as he gets into his first year in high school, Charlie had one friend in middle school and that friend-committed suicide. Charlie goes through many personality changes during his fresh men year. He starts the year out as a shy observer who rarely talks, but later on is more active and outgoing. As a freshman in High School, Charlie struggles with bullies, and depression. While Charlie wants to survive high school, he tries to prevent himself from falling back into his depression. He counts down the days until senior graduation. Charlie has met two seniors, and finds himself being taken under their wings, which has made him feel excited to have friends again. Charlie discovers a new world. Charlie experiments with drugs, sex and the party scene, but underlying problems from the past cause Charlie to spiral out of control.

Charlie, a fifteen year old, starting his first year in high school. Charlie appears to be a typical teenage boy; he can see and hear like other teenagers, but he never shows much emotion. He lives with his mom, dad and sister; he has a brother in college.
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Charlie and his family are a middle class white family who practice religion, and prays before eating. His family appears to be supportive of Charlie with his struggles. Charlie’s personality changes in his freshman year as a result of everything that has happened. to him, in remembering what his Aunt Helen had done and his friend committing suicide, and being bullied in school. Charlie shows strength in writing letters every day to his “imaginary friend” whom he writes letters to every day. He is able to talk about his feelings and daily adventures. He does this because he feels it is someone who will listen and not judge him. He can say and tell whatever he wants without feeling badly, or
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