The Great Gatsby Analysis

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In the modern society, people’s action and thoughts are tend to be influenced by the things or factors from their past. In the novel, the Great Gatsby, characters’ lives and judgment, like those of Nick, Gatsby and Tom’s, are affected by the background, love and events from the past. The novel is about Gatsby’s unsuccessful way of getting back Daisy from her husband Tom and eventually uses his life to protect Daisy from the murder. F. Scott Fitzgerald, a famous American novelist and short story author during the period of Jazz Age compose these novel to illustrate his way of viewing the American dream in 1920s. In the novel the Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses the story of Gatsby and Tom and Judgment from Nick to teach us one significant …show more content…

“Afterward he kept looking at the child with surprise”(Fitzgerald, 117). Right before this moment Gatsby still thinks that Daisy only loves him, never loves Tom and will be back with him. But the shocking fact from the current situation lies right in front of him that Daisy has a daughter with Tom. When Gatsby sees the daughter as a fruit of love between Daisy and Tom, he was shocked and disappointed. His original fantasy that he could repeat the past is scattered at this point because the daughter of Daisy is the reflection of reality that something can never be repeated from the past.. Finally, the belief of repeating the past that Gatsby still wants to get back Daisy and the love between him and Daisy long time ago still manage to affect the action of Gatsby. There is an significant example of that when Nick asked Gatsby who actually drives“‘ ‘Yes,’he said after a moment, ‘but of course, I’ll say I was.’” (Fitzgerald, 117). He just takes all the accusation that should be Daisy’s. Gatsby would risk his life since Mr.Wilson is coming to kill him to revenge for Mrs. Wilson to protect Daisy just because he still loves her. To the outside people he seems like a guy who is crazy in love that would do anything for the person he falls in love with. It

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