The Great Gatsby Analysis

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A main event in The Great Gatsby occurred at the end when Gatsby was found dead in his pool at his luxurious mansion. However, his murder was not solely the responsibility of the person who committed the crime. Many characters in the novel contributed to Gatsby’s final downfall into the pool. The responsibility of Gatsby’s murder was divided between the obvious killer, the sly betrayer, the guilty initiator, and the dead man himself. A big part of responsibility for Gatsby’s murder lies with the man who pulled the trigger on him, George Wilson. George Wilson was the owner of an old auto-shop in the Valley of Ashes. He had a wife named Myrtle whom was secretly having an affair with a wealthy man who helped with the auto-shop named Tom Buchanan. In most of the novel, Wilson seemed oblivious to the second life Myrtle was living until he started to become suspicious. After Wilson realized there was another man in Myrtle’s life he became deranged. When Tom saw Wilson the day of Myrtle’s death he described it as; “He had discovered that Myrtle had some sort of life apart from him in another world, and the shock had made him physically sick” (124). Later that day, A speeding yellow car in front of the auto-shop killed Myrtle. Wilson was overcome with grief and anger. He claimed he will find out who killed Myrtle and believed it was the same man with whom she was having an affair. After confronting Tom Buchanan about what information he knew, he ended up at the Gatsby mansion

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