The Great Gatsby And The Pursuit Of Pursuit

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Cryderman 1 Daniel Cryderman Ms.Ceccomancini ENG4UN-02 16 July 2015 Journey to Success The American Dream is the dream that regardless of where you are born or what social class you are born into, anyone can attain their own version of success. In The Great Gatsby and The Pursuit of Happyness , both protagonists pursue the path to achieving their American Dream. For both Jay Gatsby and Christopher Gardner they are both given unfortunate privileges to where they start their journey. Both men are lower class citizens who make less than minimum wage salaries but that do not stop them from wanting to succeed. Chris’ story begins in a small apartment in San Francisco. Chris Gardner is a black man with a minimum wage job, who lives with his wife Linda and his 5 year-old son Christopher. One day, his wife leaves him because of his lack of income and motivation to provide for the family. That day, Chris devotes his life and his son’s life to a successful future. Chris and his son are pushed to their limits in the hope that Chris will achieve his American Dream of being a stockbroker. Jay Gatsby is quite similar to Chris Gardner in his story. He was born James Gatz in Louisville, Kentucky, to a couple who owned a poor farm. James was constantly working on his family’s farm and even worked other jobs as a child just to have a decent source of income. He was a lonely little boy who lacked motivation to do something with his life. It was only until he met Dan Cody that Gatsby’s life
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