The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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“The Great Gatsby” and “Washington Square” are both novels that greatly depicted their time period and how society viewed men and women. “The Great Gatsby” is about a young man named Gatsby who tries to reignite an old relationship with his new found wealth. Gatsby essentially dedicates his entire life to get Daisy back while she has long moved on. “Washington Square” is about a young girl named Catherine who tries to find love with a man named Morris, but has to deal with the strict control of her father. Catherine’s aunt, Lavinia Penniman, was meddlesome in Catherine’s life which also greatly ruined Catherine’s and Morris’ relationship. These books focus on image, illusions and relationships. I will be focusing on various relationships in both novels. The relationship with Daisy Buchanan and Tom Buchanan is filled with betrayal and abuse. Tom cheated on Daisy with Myrtle and Daisy cheated on Tom with Gatsby. Tom emotionally and physically abuses Daisy with his control. Tom’s abuse is shown when Daisy says, “You did it, Tom, I know you didn 't mean to, but you did do it.” (Fitzgerald 12) Daisy stays with Tom for security and comfort that Gatsby could not provide. They are so wealthy that they put blame on others and retreat back to their money to keep them safe. This is shown when Tom and Daisy leave without a trace once Gatsby took the blame for killing Myrtle. The relationship between Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby is filled with excitement and false ideals. Gatsby has
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