The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Introduction The novel describes that from the lower class young Gatsby in the western United States, dreams through personal struggle to obtain the true happiness and love, but finally disillusioned, being countered killed. Throughout Gatsby 's short life, is a beautiful and illusory, glorious and desolate dream. He wandered between drunk and awake, dream and reality, in a decadent society acts to keep the original dream, and even use illegal means to defend the dream. At that time, because people look down on the poor even the poor becoming rich, people 's indifference and for money idolized and Gatsby 's own characteristics lead to Gatsby 's failure. 1、 The social contest at that time After the end of the First World War called the jazz age, the American economy was prosperous, but the moral values changed dramatically. The younger generation set aside the traditional morals and values in luxury, enjoy the merry life and worship money. The traditional moral ideals and religious beliefs in the new era of the impact are all the disintegration. People chase the fresh and exciting game, dance, eagerly poured into the cinema and entertainment venues, public worship idols to millionaires and movie star, a real America seem to be woven with a dream of rose. Gatsby grew up in remote mountainous areas of Western, who carries the dream to achieve his value of life. But times have changed, and he realized that it was very difficult for him to realize his dream. 1.1 Extreme worship

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