The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Richaunti Williams AP English 3 4th period PART I: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Novel Published in 1925 Jay Gatsby, a wealthy man living in a mansion. No one really knows how or why he got his fortune, he is a mystery to say the least. The story is told by Nick Carraway, Gatsby’s neighbor, who had just moved from the midwest to West Egg. Nick is related to Daisy who is married to Tom who was friends with Nick back in their Yale days. Gatsby is in love with Daisy, which is partly the reason why he throws such extravagant parties. In hopes that one day Daisy will attend one. Gatsby is livin the american dream.The pros are pros, and the cons are destructive. Money, Gatsby’s reality. Jay Gatsby, a man of many trade. An extremely wealthy, well, no one knows his job exactly. All we know is that he throws amazing parties with his wealth. The American Dream, How money can’t buy happiness. The green light, The Valley of Ashes. PART II: ‘ "Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone," he told me, "just remember the advantages that you 've had..." In consequence I 'm inclined to reserve all judgments.’ This is the first semi ironic statement we get from the narrator, Nick. The entire story is told from his point of view, and this is the first of many times we see what his sense of humour is. As the story goes on we learn that he is honest and holds his tongue. In this quote he is saying, because of what Gatsby has said to him, he feels he now has to refrain from being

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