The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald was the author of the Great Gatsby.He was born on September 24,1896,in St.Paul Minnesota.Fitzgerald. In the 1917 he dropped out of the U.S. army. Fitzgerald wrote his first novel called The Romantic Egotist. Fitzgerald also was a second lieutenant infantry assigned to camp Sheridan. He fell in love with an 18- year girl named Zelda Sayre. He wanted to get a good career to convince Zelda to marry him. Few months later he Quit his job and went to St.Paul to rewrite his novel. The Great Gatsby was written by Fitzgerald in 1925. Fitzgerald got inspired by the book he wrote,about the parties and actually went to Long Island on the North shore. The Great Gatsby book is mostly about how a girl named Daisy fell in love with two different men. The Great Gatsby,written by Fitzgerald was published on April 10,1925. In the first year after writing the novel sold 20,000 copies.This novel put a big history on the Roaring Twenties in america society. It was a really good tale about the american dream. It’s in Long Island, North Shore in New York city during the summer of 1922. His third novel was the highest and had many people loving the novel. It was the Great Gatsby and won of the best novels he has ever written they say. The first movie came out in 1974.The newest movie came out in 2013. Fitzgerald became an alcoholic and Zelda, the one he fell in love with was jealous of him. They say he became an alcoholic after written about the novel of the

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