The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are rivals within F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby. Throughout the entire story, Tom and Gatsby fall in love with the same person but in the end Daisy has to choose one of them. Gatsby knew Daisy from when he was enlisted in war. Though Daisy did not have the patients to wait for Gatsby, and the fact that he did not have much money did not make it any easier. He was starting to realize that because of it he would not be able to win her over. Once Tom showed up into her life everything changed. She left Gatsby and decided she wanted to pursue her life with Tom. Even though Daisy chooses Tom instead of Gatsby, Gatsby would have been a better choice. Tom Buchanan is not the kind of person for any woman …show more content…

Tom does not care about anyone else in the process of getting what he wants. Daisy is never being treated how she really should and one of the only things keeping them together is there child. Tom is not the person to ever with acquainted with, his personality is lacking all of the good things like Gatsby has. He will never be good enough for Daisy but she just will not see that. From the start of Gatsby’s years he has always been a hardworking man. When he was younger things for him did not always go his way, but as his life went on it got better. He was very mysterious in the way that he would come and go, as well as people thinking that he may or may not be alive. Gatsby tends to not make a lot of appearances and when he does no one actually knows it’s him. “Nick Carraway’s pronouncement, near the start of the novel, that “Gatsby turned out all right at the end” (Fitzgerald 1999, 6). Jay Gatsby, a figure marked by failure and shadowed by death throughout most of the novel, nevertheless achieves a form of “greatness” in the final paragraphs of his story” (Will). Even though Gatsby struggled in the beginning of his life he was able to pick himself up and achieve “greatness” by the end. He was not always as wealthy as he is now though, and if he was back then, then things with daisy would be different. Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy is indescribable. He would do anything to get her into his

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