The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Erika Sanchez
Ms. Barton P.6
AP English
1 October, 2015
Great Gatsby Essay In The Great Gatsby, by Frances Scott Fitzgerald, social class is a predominant role, characterizing the mentalities of the people from different social classes, which affect the events that arise among the characters. A classic novel in which money is the center of many characters’ lives, however that money could not buy happiness. In reality, there is no such thing as an American dream, you are who you are born, and trying to change your social class will not end up all right. Back in the 1920’s, people 's mentalities were different to today’s mindset. They wanted to be rich enough to drunken drive and crash the vehicle and be able to replace it with ease. Everyone attended Gatsby’s parties, because of how wealthy he was and everyone’s mindset wanted to have a connection with him or attend his parties because of his wealth. Depending on what area one lived in, also classified your class. People living in East Egg are born into wealth like Daisy, Jordan and Tom, the ones living on West Egg had to work for their upper class position. Middle class people like Nick, focused on becoming upper class and the lower class obviously lived in the Valley of Ashes. Lower class people were represented by living in the Valley of Ashes, dirty poor workers, as for women, they weren’t as classy as women should be. Wilson and Myrtle for example, they lived in the Valley of ashes, Myrtle was not

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