The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, MN on September twenty fourth 1896. His second cousin three times removed was Francis Scott Key, the author of the star spangled banner, was Fitzgerald’s namesake. He went to St. Paul Academy, Princeton University, and Newman School. He married Zelda Sayre in 1920. He wrote the Great Gatsby in 1924 and published it in 1925. He died in Hollywood, LA, CA. he died on December twenty first in 1940. There were six different adaptations of the film version of the Great Gatsby. The first one that was filmed in 1926 is “the lost copy”. It was directed by Herbert Brenon. There are no copies that left the theatre of that film. There was another film in ‘49 that was directed by Elliot Nugent. The…show more content…
He moves to West Egg where the people classified as “New Money” lived. He moved into a little cottage that happened to be right next door to the mysterious Jay Gatsby. Gatsby threw enormous parties every weekend that lasted all weekend. He threw them for Daisy, Nick’s cousin. She never went to his parties except for one time. Daisy Buchanan and her husband Tom Buchanan lived across the bay from Nick and Gatsby. Gatsby was obsessed with Daisy. He wanted to marry her. She just wanted money. Nick went to Daisy’s house for supper one of his first weeks in new york. A friend of Daisy was there, Jordan Baker. There was a phone call during supper Tom’s mistress. He was cheating on Daisy with a woman named Myrtle Wilson and she did not even seem to care. Tom took Nick with him to see his mistress at their separate apartment over in New York. They partied and drank. Nick was invited to one of Gatsby’s parties. No one got invited to the parties. They all just showed up and had a grand time. NIck went and tried to find Gatsby to thank him for inviting him. He could not find him anywhere, but he found Jordan Baker. She was with an entourage of other people. When Nick told her that he was trying to find Gatsby, the others started telling him crazy rumors. The rumors were about Gatsby being kyser william 's cousin and killing a man and that sort of thing. A while later Jordan suggested they go look for him. They stumbled on the
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