The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Many historians considered the 1920s as a transitional period that shifted Americans society from traditional values to a new era of modernization. During this time, the economy boomed, which made the 1920s one of the most prosperous era in the U.S. The Roaring twenties was associate as the era of consumerism, the prohibition and the disillusionment with the American dream. Many historians and Literature scholars recognized F. Scott Fitzgerald 's novel, The Great Gatsby, as the iconic book of the 1920s. In the novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald used setting, symbol and character to convey his critique of American society. The symbol of green light, detailed description of the party at Gatsby 's house and the character of Myrtle all serve to show…show more content…
Jazz music was performed by famous singers. People became reckless because of drunkenness and rumors about Gatsby fly everywhere. Nick recounted that, “A tray of cocktails floated at us through the twilight.” This shows that unlimited liquor was illegally served. At this time, the 18th Amendment was ratified to make any manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors illegal, but alcohol is extremely prevalent in the novel. By repeating the use of alcohol, Fitzgerald points out the failure of the prohibition. Additionally, the car accident disturbs the end of the party, when a drunk man crashes his car into a ditch, it is an example that shows that people are careless. The drunk driver did not know how he got into the accident and did not even realize that his car was damaged. By showing the accident, Fitzgerald demonstrates the general air of carelessness and moral abandon that underlined the 1920s. Just like other characters, Myrtle Wilson is very materialistic, careless and extremely concerned about her social status. Her dream is to have a luxury life, which is most people’s American Dream in the 1920s. This is why she married George Wilson. In the party in Tom’s apartment in New York, Myrtle said that “I married him because I thought he was a gentleman.” She married George Wilson because of his money, not because she loved him. This shows that people valued money, wealth and social
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