The Great Gatsby Film Analysis Essay

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The 2013 film remake of the classic novel, The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a fantastic example of what happens when Hollywood creates a successful remake, while also keeping the integrity of the original film and novel.The scene when Myrtle, the mistress of Daisy's husband meets her tragic death due to Daisy hitting her on accident with a car due to a night of drunken fun. Is one of the most notable scenes within the film and one of the most famous in both the film and novel. This scene embodies everything the film is trying to portray to the audience, the classic Hollywood film narrative, using mise-en-scene in an effective manner, the editing of and the soundtrack used to create an effective scene that the audience could understand and could also be emotionally affected by. The remake created a powerful scene using these film techniques, by piecing everything together in a way that could be understood by everyone watching the film. While, the film had many scenes that were put together professionally and extremely well done, this scene stands out the most as it is the most shocking scene in the whole film and the climax of the plot.

The Great Gatsby is the perfect example of the classical Hollywood film narrative, as it is focused on a story about a man who becomes a witness to many unfolding events. Nick, the main protagonist of the film ends up watching the rise and fall of his neighbor and friend, Gatsby. Gatsby who happened to be in love with a

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