The Great Gatsby Judy

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First of all, not many people know who F. Scott Fitzgerald was, best known for his most famous novel “The Great Gatsby.” He was born as Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Curiously, many of his characters are from the Midwest. His mother’s family had made a small fortune there as wholesale grocers. He and his family moved to New York because his father got a job as a salesman for Procter and Gamble. However, when his father was fired in 1908, they went back to St. Paul. He then attended St. Paul academy in which he excelled in debate and athletics. After he finished high school, he went at Princeton University, but he dropped it and joined the army which has the effect that many of his written are place…show more content…
For example, Zhang and Cui “Judy follows her heart and behaves as she likes; she employs her feminine charm as the weapon, fully controls her love.” She is an independent woman that does not allow men to impose or control her in any moment, and she will follow whatever she wants and she is who make the rules and control the game; additionally, she will use all her desire attributes to be the dominant. In other moment, Judy says, “Last Night I thought I was in love with a man and to-night I think I’m in love with you…” (Fitzgerald 345). She is not a woman who will fall in an eternal love for a man; in fact, she can forget about him and look for someone else. She will not lose her head for a gentleman. (One quote more future tito). Besides of her independency, Judy is also very disinterested about other feelings or opinions either of men or women. For instance, the narrator declares, “She simply made men conscious to the highest degree of her physical loveliness” (Fitzgerald 344). It shows that she does not care about what the other think or the love they have for her, and men should be prepared to face high cost of a woman like her. She declares the rules and norms, and it is men’s decision to follow and try to gain her and her love or withdraw before something worse happen. The writers Zhang and Cui says, “To Dexter and many other men, Judy is a beautiful dream, and a horrible nightmare as well”. There is no doubt that in spite of Judy’s positive attribute, she does not offer anything valuable or special to men who fall in love with her besides of a tragic love that never come true or the bitter drink of a passion that never tuned out; Moreover, the storyteller observes, “When a new man came to town every one dropped out – dates were automatically cancelled” (Fitzgerald 345). Even though she said that she loves Dexter, she will not care in ending her
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