The Great Gatsby : Themes Of Wealth, Dreams, Time And The Pursuit Of The American Dream

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Themes of Wealth, Dreams, time and the pursuit of the American dream in The Great Gatsby
The American dream is a common idea in America that all individuals are equal and can achieve their dreams and ambitions are by working hard. The American dream also enshrines the idea that regardless of social class and financial status, any individual who is hardworking and persevering can achieve anything. The pursuit of this dream has led many to success and many also to failure as a lot of people go to all lengths to achieve this dream. In the 1920s the symbol of the American dream was wealth and opulence, which a lot of people in the upper-class had achieved and people in the lower class desired and pursued. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby the character ‘Gatsby’ represented the American dream in many ways.
In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby, was born to poor parents who were farmers. As a young man, he did not have the wealth and status that members of the upper-class had and because of this he lost the love of his life, Daisy because he could not offer her the kind of life she desired. Gatsby then decided to change his destiny by struggling to become a member of the upper-class in order to win Daisy back. To him, having so much wealth was the one thing that would guarantee his happiness and win him Daisy so he spent his life going after this dream. Most Americans chasing the American dream today are just like Gatsby; they have experienced poverty either in the countries’ that

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