The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby Rough Draft The Japanese ideology of Kiazen is the idea of continuous improvement and change for the best. This idea is a Japanese idea that found its way into the Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and is more than just the simple Japanese idea. It is the ‘Americanized version of the concept where the characters in The Great Gatsby seek out their American dream but the as they grow closer to achieving the goal, the goal eludes them and their Dream changes. The Great Gatsby is a novel that tells the relationships and social interaction in a group of people through Nick Carraway’s eyes. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s downfall as a tragic hero to reveal the American Dream is a lifelong, unattainable journey with no clear destination, only momentary success. Gatsby’s character is portrayed by Fitzgerald as a tragic hero, as he exhibits many of the same traits. Gatsby, within the realm of the novel is an extremely wealthy man and his wealth translates into high prestige and social status in a society that is separated by wealth and money. Gatsby’s parties are wild and extravagant events where “on the buffet tables, garnished with glistening hors d’oeuvre, spiced baked hams, crowded against salads of harlequin designs and pastry pigs and turkeys bewitched to a dark gold.”(26 Fitzgerald). His parties exemplify his wealth and prestige in the community making him seem like royalty. This noble stature is his first tragic

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