The Great Generation : The Greatest Generation

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Born in 1923 during “The Greatest Generation”, sometimes known as “The G.I. Generation”, John is full of spunk with a crystal-clear memory. Enlisting to serve during WWII as a private in the United States Army, he identifies as a soldier, father, husband, son, brother, however he is most proud of having proudly served his country. While growing up during the Great Depression, John jokingly said his family never went hungry and had a decent variety of food choices. With a chuckle he said, “We had beans and potatoes one day, and potatoes and beans the next!” Having a very loving home and wholesome family life growing up in rural Arkansas, John grew up a happy child. Attending church every Sunday at the local Baptist Church, his family only missed church when they were too sick to attend. Although he attended school in a one room school house located in the church when he had time off from farming, his mother taught the family mostly at home. John claims his father was a hard man, however, he loved his family very much. When asked to elaborate, he said: “Well we knew we were loved because we were provided for by our father, and that speaks louder than words, especially back in those times.” Having neighbors who went hungry, although too proud to ask for help, and watching as children were abandoned when times were too trying on the families was devastating on John as a young child. His family took in many of these abandoned and orphaned children, even with their own resources

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