Essay on The Great Gig in the Sky

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At a late Thursday night, I have received word that I would perform in a fancy ball room. With only two weeks of experience I had a gig in front of a hundred people. Like many first gigs, the stage plays tricks on you and makes you feel inferior. Stage fright had to go away at some point, so I decided for it to be this Saturday night. Countless of hours put into this one night, I would practice day in and day out. There was something for me to prove. You don't have to be naturally talented and experienced to become successful or to perform at a high level. All it takes is a little self-confidence and hard work. Is two weeks enough for a musician to pick up an instrument and perform? A sunny day in Houston, Texas. Just this morning I have …show more content…

My heart quickly accelerated and continued to run for its life. I looked at my hands which were beginning to moisture. The thought of performing with little experience struck me down. I was a nervous wreck and I knew that within the next five minutes. I will give it my all or die trying. I patiently waited to be called. A loud thumping noise is heard as I head over to the door and open the door. It was my father. “There is no need to feel nervous. You worked so hard and pushed yourself to prove a point. Although that may be true, you worked so hard not only for success but also for the enjoyment of performing.” My dad had turned his back on me and faded away. I stood still thinking about what he has told me. There was a better reason to why I stood up so late and practiced so much. From the beginning, playing an instrument was a wonderful experience. With a confident look and a brighter self-esteem. I was ready to rock n roll! I treasured the moment. I put on my shades and walked across the hall with a determined look. I made my way backstage and was suddenly called to the stage. The spotlight was brighter than the suns ray. I foolishly put my shades back on and take a look around me. Complete silence was around me. Such a quiet, yet eerie atmosphere. Eyes across the stage followed me like a homing missile. I strum a chord and begin playing. A rough start was quickly changed whenever the music began progressing. After all, all that practice made me

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