The Great Individuals Of Transformative Education

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Having had the opportunity to interview three great individuals of transformative education, this being has formed a more thorough understanding from three different perspectives. Reflecting on the interviews conducted, several pods of wisdom have materialized. The purpose of the interviews was to gather an enhanced view of honor through the lens of transformative education.
Honor is upholding of one’s morals and ethics. Honor is defending what one believes in and doing what is right regardless of the consequences. Honor is standing up to a problem when it seems like there is no way out. Nelson Mandella, Barack Obama, and Walt Disney all share types of dignity, reputation, good name, and good sense of what is morally correct.
Nelson Mandella is one of the individuals who exhibited honor in everything that he did. Nelson Mandela was a round and complete leader. He naturally exhibited all types of leadership qualities which is what led him to his success. I believe that with all the qualities that made him a leader, he was also able to “encourage the heart”. The best thing about Nelson Mandela’s leadership is that he was not afraid to be himself. Although he did sometimes have to put up a front of bravery and triumph, I feel like he kept true to he was during his whole time of presidency, before his presidency, and also much after. Honor is displayed because of his humble, down to earth attitude, mixed in with his stubborn aura, which made him an unforgettable and influential
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