The Greatest Epa Cleanup Program

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I read a few of the essays published by Aldo Leopold from 1998 to 2001 in a book of collective essays called For the Health of the Land. The collection is a plea from Leopold for the development of land ethic. He believes that humans have the responsibility to interact with the land in ways that promote its good being. Even though the essays were published over 50 years ago, progress in Leopold’s concept of land health has just begun.
The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) are helping by conducting cleanups at sites where hazardous chemicals have been released into the environment. These cleanups take place at abandoned waste sights, federal facilities, and where any storage tanks have leaked. Cleanups may also include the reuse of sites and redevelopment of natural habitats. The greatest EPA cleanup program is called the Superfund program. This program locates, investigates and cleans hazardous waste sites throughout the US.
Superfund starts when the release of hazardous materials or a possible waste site is reported. The EPA then investigates the site and compiles a database of hazardous materials and their location. After cleanup is complete, the EPA continues to see to compliance monitoring of the site. The sites cleaned up by Superfund are ones outside of Federal control and are therefore the responsibility of the independent owners. The owners must pay for property cleanup, aftercare, and monitoring of the site. They are charged penalties or fines if they fail…
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