The Greatest It Risk Facing Most Companies Is More Prosaic Than A Catastrophe

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“ The greatest IT risk facing most companies is more prosaic than a catastrophe. It is, simply, overspending” (Nicholas G. Carr). Daryl Cagle, American editorial cartoonist, draws this original image to take a lead on how out of hand U.S. citizens spending has become. Cagle’s cartoon shows the viewers that the president and maybe even the government continues to encourage overspending, even if it is an issue. In the cartoon, a large U.S. citizen is standing on a scale labeled “SPENDING”. The man is asking President Obama what the scale says, since he cannot see for himself. Obama, sitting on an abnormally sized book saying “BUDGET” answers, “It’s time for dinner”. Obama has a cheery smile on his face and his hands held out in front of…show more content…
The use of words in this specific cartoon are saying that the president is totally fine with overspending happening. Although, if he were to actually take into consideration that the countries spending is way more than what he has stored in the budget, president Obama might think twice about what he is encouraging. Within the image, no explicit assumptions are made, but if the viewer were to look closely they could draw some conclusions. For example, as already stated before, some might say that the president does not care if the United States goes bankrupt. Why would this assumption be made? The way President Obama’s body language is shown, tells the viewers that everything is okay. Overspending is not a big deal. If the president is fine with it, then overspending must be alright. Another implicit assumption that could be made from just looking at the cartoon, is that the president is encouraging obesity. Reasoning being, is because the U.S. man is quite big and Barack Obama is telling the citizen to go eat even though he already cannot read the scale. Although this assumption does not fit the overall interpretation of the image, this assumption could be made because of the layout. As previously stated, the caricature of the picture is that it depicts how little regard President Obama has on the issue of overspending in the United States. Daniel Robles also makes this claim in his blog, but why does Obama have little to no
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