The Greatest Salesman in the World

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The Greatest Salesman In The World 1) What happened to the little camel boy turned greatest salesman in the world? Hafid become successful and be the one of the most greatest salesman in the world, because his wise master pathros gave him “Ten Ancient Scrolls” which contained all the wisdom he would need to achieve his ambitions as a salesman. Hafid was supposed to read each scroll every morning and night for 30 days before moving on to the next one. 2) Why do you think this is a story of willingness and action? In my opinion this is a story of willingness and action because at the story hafid must handle the temptations, the hard times, sacrifices so he can be successful, both in life and a salesman. 3) Make an…show more content…
If success is offered now, we must act now. Scroll 10 I will pray, but my cry for help is only a cry for guidance Almost everyone, in a moment of terror or anguish, will turn to God for help. But a true believer will pray for guidance, not only for help. He calls on God not for material things, but for the knowledge to understand the way to acquire what is needed. Pray for ability equal to the opportunity, for good habits, for love, to use words well, to humbly forge through all obstacles, to reach worthwhile
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