Death Of A Salesman

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Death of a Salesman is a play written by Arthur Miller and is about the tumultuous life of Willy Loman. Willy is a salesman that lives in New York who travels all over the eastern half of the country selling his products. Though it seems Mr. Loman is in a great position in life, he faces many problems in the play that ultimately result in his demise. Throughout the play it’s evident that despite all that has transpired in his life, happiness eludes him which bombards him into a deteriorated state of mind. Even though play made by Miller is fiction, it manages to stay realistic and shine a light on real issues that many people face today. This play is detailed and accurately pinpoints the struggles that some of the characters have to endure…show more content…
Mr. Loman’s inability to stop living in the past and keep moving on to the future was one of the important causes of his deterioration in humanity and the same can be said for many people now. His inability to be satisfied with whatever he had going for him greatly crippled him to the extent that he literally worked himself up until he died. In Death of a Salesman, the realistic arguments between Biff and Willy, not being satisfied with the life he had and the inability to move past his past led to his slightly unreal demise and does the same to people today.
In Death of a Salesman Willy Loman faces the quite real problem of not getting along with his son Biff. Throughout the play, even when Willy dies, it seems that he and his son Biff never get along because of their dissenting opinions. Such disdain is seen when they said, “Biff: It’s goddam time you heard that! I had to be boss bigshot in two weeks, and I’m through with it. Willy: Then hang yourself! For spite, hang yourself!” (Miller 131). The evidence from the text speaks for itself, the
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The father-son arguments that occurred between Biff and Willy were detrimental to both men; but happenings like these are very common in similar forms. Willy’s inability to be thankful for what he had led to his dramatic downfall that isn’t too out of the ordinary for one to observe. The realistic horror getting stuck in the past prevented him from being able to make substantial progress in bettering his life more than it already was. In general Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is a work of fiction, but still managed to address realistic issues such as, father-son arguments, being satisfied with the life and the inability to move past the

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