The Greeks and The Illiad Essay examples

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The Greeks and The Illiad

The Iliad was a masterpiece of a work, which entertained and gave a description of how the Greeks lived out their lives in battle and at peace. The Iliad, by Homer, is an epic classic set in Ancient Greece. The story ,in its own, contained the use of epic characteristics, which reveal further characteristics of the Greeks. A large influence on the book, was the Greek's religious and mythological stance along with their strengths and weaknesses that were also displayed. The Greeks, with both their strengths and weaknesses, reveal the overall character in Homer's tale..

The story of the Iliad takes place in ancient Greece, Troy to be precise. Where a small scuffle has escalated into a war,
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Many Greeks have such matter in them, as like Achilles in the description, who was no mere mortal among his people. Zeus once predicted, "Achilles is a man of great power and thought, he will slay the brave Hektor and bring honor to his people...."(236) Achilles was a Greek, so forth he was to bring honor to his people. There was much use of epic characteristics in the Iliad. The Iliad had enormous battles that were fought constantly between the two opponents. Homer writes in description to Hektor's fighting, "Hektor in the huge pride of his strength rages irresistibly, reliant on Zeus, and gives way to no one neither god nor man..."(204). The characters fighting for the Greeks or Trojans all were eventually given some kind of supernatural ability to fight such incredible battles. The hero of the story, Achilles, contained superhuman strength beyond that of any other man. In description of his strength, "...and the door barred to his room took three men to open it, but Achilles himself alone could close it."(488) The mother of Achilles was Thetis making him half god, half man. That enabled him to have such powers beyond

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