The Green Recreation Sports Teams And The Rise Of Environment Conscious

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The Green Recreation in Sports: Professional sport teams and the rise of environment conscious Outline 1. Introduction. 2. what is ‘go green’ and ‘green sports’? 3. The importance of sports facility designs on environment 4. How professional sport teams in the U.S and Japan have taken care of environmental issues 5. Conclusion 1. Introduction Comprehensive report on the economics of climate change says that policy proposals exist to make the stock of greenhouse stable. Also, there are varieties of environmental problems, such as, transboundary air pollution, shared freshwater resources in the world in this era. However, because of the Stern Review, not many countries are taking actions for the environmental problems. On the other hand, …show more content…

However, sports industry have been using a lot of natural resources to improve the number of spectators or participations. There are a lot of examples of this problem. One of them is that the 1998 Nagano Olympic Committee infringed on environmentally sensitive place to expand the men’s downhill skill because of pressure from the International Olympic Committees and Federation International de Ski. Many of these kinds of problems made some sport organization realize that they have to implement environmental activities ( Casper, Pfahl, McCullough, 2017). Second of all, I will discuss about what go green mean. It is important for us to understand why go green can be effective for environment. There are 3 meanings of go green. The first is reducing influence on the environment with your everyday choice. You are using a lot of natural resources from the earth by driving a car, taking shower, buying a bottle of water that have a bad influence in the earth. All natural resources for using these things are taken from the earth to live. However, these processes have damage on the environment, and you want to think how you can use small amount of yours as possible you can. Therefore, this is one of the important aspect within going green. Addition to using less, there is another aspect of going green, which is staying locally. Staying local basically means to shop locally especially food. It is because industry faming has bad impacts on the

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