The Guatemalan Genocide Of The Indigenous Mayans

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The Guatemalan Genocide: a mass genocide of the indigenous Mayans which took place from 1960 to 1996, however it was not very popular internationally. Just for originating from the Mayan ethnicity, the indigenous Mayans were targeted by the Guatemalan army and government to be exterminated. Their homes were razed, and many were systematically executed in large masses. Children and infants were killed using brutal methods by the Guatemalan army. The indigenous Mayans were subjected to brutal and harsh treatment from the Guatemalan army and government during the Guatemalan Genocide; being hunted to be killed in the most brutal ways, and being treated as if they were not human at all. During and after the Guatemalan Genocide, the indigenous Mayans were subjected to extreme racism and prejudice. Its roots were in the 16th century, when the Spanish conquistadors first landed in Central America. During this time period, the Spanish brought changes to the area, and to its indigenous populations. The Mayans became to be considered as inferior and as slaves to the Spanish colonists. Through a development of a casta (caste) system, which determined racial superiority, the Spanish were dictated as the highest beings, and the Mayans and other indigenous groups were considered at the very bottom of the scale (Oglesby, 2017). Oglesby (2017) describes other changes to consist of forced conversions to Christianity, and forced labor. Such feelings against the Mayans only developed as time

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