The Guilt Of Oedipus The King's Trial

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Men and women of the jury, I thank you for enduring through this trial for the sake of justice. We are here today to determine the guilt of Oedipus on the charges of patricide and incest. I have already proven that he is guilty of all charges without a shadow of a doubt, and in my last words, I make one last appeal to your senses of reason and justice. Admittedly, this case is not the most straightforward. However, through all the discussion of intention and fate, at the end of the day, Oedipus must be convicted of his crimes. Whether or not these crimes were committed is no debate. Oedipus himself testified, “Your father killed his father, sowed his mother...” (Oedipus the King 1639). No one here, neither me nor the defense, can argue that Oedipus did not murder his father and commit incest with his mother. Is this a tragic truth? Yes,…show more content…
They said that he unknowingly killed his father out of self-defense. However, the patricide committed was far from self-defense. Oedipus testified, “the one in the lead and the old man himself were about to thrust me off the road-brute force- I strike him in anger!- and the old man, watching me coming up along his wheels- he brings down his prod, two prongs straight at my head! I paid him back with interest! … I killed them all-every mother’s son!” (888-894, 898). Oedipus met Laius and his men on a road, and both parties desired to pass first. When Oedipus feared that he would be thrown off the road, he swung first, resulting in further violence and the deaths of every other man present. Oedipus struck out of anger and pride, not for fear of his life. If provocation and pride are good cause to kill a man and all those around him, then I give my sincerest apologies, and Oedipus is innocent. Oedipus may not have known that the man he killed was his father, but had he not lashed out for lack of self-control, he wouldn’t have killed anyone at
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